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About Us

ionejodi.jpgTrinity Collection is a collaboration of two women who have been best friends for so long that after 38 years we now consider ourselves family . . . Sisters.

In the late seventies, we began our first business venture as “jewelers to the trade”, which simply means we made jewelry for jewelry stores.  We published our first retail catalog in 1991, to premier our collection of crosses and religious symbols.  We carefully research, design and craft each piece of our religious collection in our Pensacola, FL studio and continue to be blessed by growing interest in our work.

We both absolutely adore jewelry and want to share that passion with you!    We think of jewelry and jewels as wearable art or body adornment and as such, feel that one can never have enough.  Our love of jewelry began when we were just children trying on our mother’s jewelry and playing dress-up. That fascination with sparkling objects has only intensified with time becoming the passion which we hope is expressed in our store.  Trinity Collection is a different kind of Jewelry Store. If it is not made in our studio, we use our design aesthetic to personally select other designers and makers for their uniqueness, quality and value. We want you to have that same fun and enjoyment we remember from childhood and to love every second of your shopping experience, from the first moment you enter our store until you walk out the door, be that physical or virtual.

Often we have the good fortune of being a small part of the celebrations of your lives, such as christenings, engagements, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays.  Thank you for sharing your many personal life events which help to inspire and sustain us.

Ione having been trained in the art of jewelry making and Jodi in architecture and business brought different talents to their business.



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